DA29-00012B -00012A Samsung Refrigerator Filter

water filter image

Aqua-Pure Plus DA29-00012B for Samsung Refrigerator filter model DA97-03175A-B.
Capacity 300 gallons  (1,135 liters)
Water supply: potable water.
The filter cartridge must be replaced when the filter indicator light turns red, or every 6 months.
You may need to replace filter cartridges more often as use and local water conditions dictate.



Samsung recommends that refrigerator water filters should be changed every 6 months.

Please find your refrigerator filter housing in the upper right corner of your refrigerator compartment.


- Remove the old cartridge, by pushing in on the cartridge.
- The cartridge will eject slightly with a clicking sound.
- Pull out
- Insert the new cartridge, by pushing into a housing until it clicks.
- Check by slightly pull on the cartridge. If the cartridge does not pull out then it is installed correctly.