Frigidaire WF3CB - PureSource 3

water filter image

Replacement Water filter

PureSource3 water filter from Frigidaire offers your home great
tasting water and ice, but that’s not the only reason we recommend
it as a refrigerator essential.

Besides giving your home great
tasting water, the PureSource3 water filter for refrigerators
helps to reduce these common water contaminants:

  • Cysts by 99.99%
  • Particulates (class 1) by 99.80%
  • Turbidity by 99.70%


This Frigidaire water filter also comes backed with testing and certification by NSF International, so you know you’re getting the best quality and performance for your home.

With better tasting water and ice, you can sip with a smile.

Your water is at its best and that’s exactly what your family deserves.


You can install water filter yourself.
See below an example of filter installation

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