UltraClarity 644845 (9000077104)

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644845 (9000 077 104) Bosch Ultra Clarity Refrigerator Water Filter

Is a screw in installation water filter that's fit most Bosh and Thermador water filtration systems.

Alternative models:
-9000 077 104
-9000 077 095, -9000 077 096.

If the "FILTER" and 3 cells are blinking altogether: The filter has to be changed immediately.

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•It reduces Chlorine taste, odor and particulates (Class I)
•Also reduces Cysts and Turbidity
•Retains beneficial fluoride
•Replace every six (6) months


This filter is located inside the fresh food compartment of refrigerators for Side by Side refrigerators and on the grill for most Bottom Freezer refrigerators.

Bosch recommends that refrigerator water filters should be changed every 6 months.

See details in the movie below

Resetting the filter display:
IMPORTANT: If the filter display is not reset, the next required filter change cannot be signaled by the display. After each filter change:
A. Simultaneously hold down the SUPER and ICE buttons for 3 seconds.